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The Goal

Sports have always played a major role in my life. As a young child immigrating to Canada, it was difficult for me to connect with others in a language I did not know. It frustrated me. Yet, it was through different sports I came to learn different things. They brought me a sense of belonging through a common goal. Baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball and swimming taught me the importance of knowing how to move your body. I had competed against others in these sports, and the importance of keeping my body in shape and flexible was vital to success. My coaches imparted lessons that became refined through the years. As I grew, the way I understood sports became different. It was not until I started doing martial arts that these lessons had a deeper meaning.

After becoming a martial arts instructor, a lot of people would come through the doors looking for many different things. A way to protect themselves, a way to get into shape and some were just looking to meet people. Those that had played sports for most of their lives took to martial arts quickly. The others found it more difficult. I quickly learned that I was not just teaching martial arts. I was teaching them how to move their bodies. These complex movements seemed so unattainable to them at first. So much that their confidence waivered during simple drills we showed. Now it has become more than just martial arts. It is about teaching others to be confident in the abilities they have.

So I started with just teaching others how to stretch. Then added a callisthenics program to strengthen the body. In the future, I plan to add different programs from other instructors so that you may explore different ways to move your body.

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