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Starting a new Chapter

Since becoming a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I have tried to teach others through different means. It started with my own Youtube channel. Then teaching stretches to students and friends through Zoom. And now creating this website to make it easier to connect with me and others that are learning with me. My goal since become an instructor has been to grow the sport of jiu-jitsu here in Vancouver. So that we become a place you need to come and train! Whether it is from me or any one else in the city. I have found so much joy in practising and sharing my knowledge with others. Keep it to myself seemed like a waste.

So here it is. As my fitness and stretching programs grow, there will be more and more added to not only the site but what it offers. Yet, I cannot teach everything. There is much more to work on for my own growth. And so many different people teaching and starting their own amazing programs. Working with them to offer their classes to all of you will be the goal in the next year. As we continue to invest in our bodies and our mental health I hope you can find the strength to move past any difficult times. While we may be physically isolated at the moment, we can continue to support each other.

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