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Fitness Advice for You


Meditating for Stress

22 APRIL 2021

Since starting meditation, I have come to learn more about myself and my relationships. An early morning live stream featuring the Dalai Lama and neurologists into the effects of meditation had caught my attention. The researchers were seeking insight into the changes in brain activity of those that practise meditation. It was this talk that led me to study meditation. This has become a practice I continue to this day. Along with teaching others about meditation through my classes. Below is a video from Dr Sara Lazar on her findings.

How Meditation Changes the Brain


Importance of Stretching

23 APRIL 2021

I'm sure you have all been told about the importance of stretching. This should become a daily habit to get into. Especially, if you are in the same position throughout the day. Take 5 minutes a day to just do some stretches. Below is a study that was done in Japan on high school baseball athletes. It noted the decreased chance of sustaining injuries. You may not participate in something as high intensity as competition. But the fact remains that stretching increases your mobility. Allowing you to move more freely.


Supplementation and Health

7 MAY 2021

Supplements have been a staple for high-level athletes for many years. From baseball, golf, swimming, track and even for gamers. There is a multitude of companies that have grown in this market. All are not created equal though and athletes need to consider more than the average consumer. It is important to figure out what these supplements do and how effective they are. The products from Usana, CopaPrime+, BiOmega, Proflavanol, are the ones that I have been using to increase my performance. They offer a website to look up information about their products.

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