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Video Library

Once you become a member you are able to access different videos. From the classes: stretching & recovery, callisthenics and youtube videos. More will be added as we build the programs.

Stretching & Recovery Recordings

The recordings were taken from the Sunday Class. Watch at any time and place to get a good stretch before exercising. Also, a great way to start the day! The recordings only show the stretches without the breaking and meditation exercises.

Youtube Channel

Click here to see videos from the Uriel Lopez Training Youtube channel. You will see videos of myself training, going to competitions and sitting down for discussions. Now you can do this directly from the site.

Callisthenics Recordings

Taken from the callisthenics program. Work alongside me from anywhere you are able to. Each video will have the workout we do from the program. These are made for doing them once a week to supplement any training you are already doing.

Technique Videos

Videos for my Youtube channel. Sitting down with a guest and teaching some Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques. Starting off with teaching basic sweeps and submissions.

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